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When you just spent hundreds to thousands on that new machine wouldn’t you feel better having it assembled right the first time by a professional?

This program is designed to help any facility operate better on a daily basis so that maintenance and repair cost are kept to a minimum.

Basketball Goal Sales Catalogue

We sell quality goals that will be there for a lifetime!  Each Goal comes with assembly instructions. FitTech & Assembly offers installation too. We will install any goal, even if it was not purchased from us.


Fittech and Assembly

They arrived when they said they would and took care of the install promptly.  They were concerned with quality and making sure that I was happy with what they did.   –Steven B.

Even though I contacted them very close to Christmas, assembly was done in time for my boys to enjoy playing basketball on the new goal Christmas morning. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.–Thomas W.

He was incredibly knowledgeable and saved me from getting hurt!–David S.

He was in and out within about 15 or 20 minutes! He was a good guy, arrived a little early (which was to my benefit), seemed to know what the problem was and did the work very efficiently. I haven’t had any problems since.–Jonathan M.

I will definitely use this company again and highly recommend them to those looking to have exercise equipment assembled.–Sheri F.

Treadmill Repair Raleigh